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Simple Rules for Finding a Good Adult Dating Site

Ask yourself if “Casual Encounters” are for you?

These days, more and more people are turning to the internet to find friendship, romance, and casual encounters. The world has changed since pick-up lines where the only way to meet new people. As people search for potential dates in their area, they will come across many dating websites which look promising. However, there are some sites which are fraudulent in nature and try to scam innocent people. These are not the best sex sites online because they ask users to sign up for expensive memberships that give little back in return.

Realize some sites are better than others for finding flings

Justhookup is a popular website for people looking for adult dating, romantic relationships, or just a casual fling. As the site has increased in popularity over the last few years, it has received a lot of negative reviews from formers users claiming that the profiles on the site were fictitious or that they did not honestly represent the people who created them. Members also complained that that they received fake messages from the site. This begs the question, is Justhookup a legitimate dating and hookup site, or a fake one? This article will help you learn more about it and come to your own decision.
When people first begin using Justhookup, the site offers free profiles for those seeking a date or a romantic hookup. It provides free registration as well, so users can first choose whether or not to buy a membership. Upon first visiting the site, users can observe that it has an appealing design and a seemingly user friendly interface. However, once you register and begin receiving messages, it is difficult to tell whether or not the profiles they come from are genuine. Sometimes new users may become frustrated because they respond to these messages from attractive women they are interested in meeting, but never receive additional messages in response. These factors cause users to be concerned that the site is a scam. It is easy to find many photos of beautiful women on the site, but it is often difficult to tell if they are authentic profiles. It is possible that the women in the photos are unaware that their images are being used in these fraudulent profiles.

People who have registered for lifetime memberships and written justhookup reviews have complained of their profiles being hacked. They suspect that many of the thousands of profiles on the site are run by BC bots and not real people. These BC bots create fake profiles and try to get people to pay for expensive memberships after they initially register on the site. Registered members also complain that the site uses cookies to find out what city they live in. The site then creates fake profiles of people who claim to reside in the same area. These profiles will message the members saying they are eager to meet. Members are scammed into believing they can truly find people attractive singles to date in their area.

Another complaint is that users who pay the $50 membership fee find it very difficult to cancel their membership. Once they have experience with the site and find out it is an alleged scam, this makes them even more dissatisfied with their experience on the site. They continue to get charged membership fees even if they don’t find anyone suitable for dates or hookups on the site. Under the Terms and Conditions section, the website says that it utilizes “virtual” cupids, which is a term describing fake profiles. However, many members skim over these Terms and Conditions when registering, and they do not realize that some profiles aren’t real.

And it doesn’t stop there…

Some of those who gave negative reviews also said that they got plenty of messages from attractive women claiming to be in their area. However, they needed to buy memberships to contact these women. Once paid the fee, they had more access to the site, but weren’t receiving messages anymore. They never heard back from the women they messaged and hoped to meet.

In addition to these complaints, dissatisfied users stated that their Yahoo IDs were entered into a database without their permission. They then received messages from women in Ghana who were trying to scam them using these IDs.

The list of grievances is significant, and it is easy to see why many people think justhookup is a scam based on these justhookup reviews. So can people truly find dates and hookups through the site? It’s up to you to find better options out there (click here to see a few alternatives). It’s up to you to decide.