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I have this thing for the librarian type, which also means I like nerdy girls. I heard about sheisnerdy.com and had to see if I could meet a hot girl with sexy glasses on the site. Sure enough, they were everywhere. I can’t believe how many times I’ve been walking the streets lately and seen a girl with thick framed glasses and thought about what was under that skirt of hers. Is she wearing little pink panties or maybe some boy shorts?

The greatest part of sheisnerdy.com is that I can see them strip down to their bare essentials. It’s one of the most rewarding things I have ever had the chance to see. I love it especially when a girl wears those plaid skirts that are really short. For some reason if a girl on sheisnerdy.com has red lace panties, plaid skirt, white dress shirts with the top unbuttoned and she is Asian, it’s over for me. It turns me on so much I can hardly contain myself thinking about it.

Just the other day I was on the site chatting with this little hottie from Texas. She said she was training to be a Theoretical Physicist but was paying her way through college with webcam shows. It made me wonder how many of these college girls showing their tits on camera are actually really smart, and now I regress. All of the chicks on these sites are pretty hot but maybe I am getting played by them about what they are actually in school for.

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