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How to Set Up a Hookup Date After Meeting Someone Online

Before you go out looking for casual sex, you must first be honest about why you want a hookup in first place. Do you want casual sex because you just feel lonely or haven’t had sex in awhile or you want to feel desired or you just want to cross off casual sex on your bucket list. The reason why this matters is because your reason for searching for casual sex may determine whether you will have a good time or not.

hot slutThe most important thing for you to keep in mind is that casual sex is casual and you should not expect anything more after you have had sex with your hookup. There isn’t going to be a marriage, or relationship coming out of that experience; just a lot of fun that will last a few hours or minutes.

Once you make up your mind about having casual sex you can always find good candidates on casual dating websites. There are many things that you can do to set up a hookup after meeting some online. Here are some of the things you need to do:

Decide on a place to meet

Now this depends entirely on how long you want to be around this person. Do you just want to have quick sex and move on or do you want to enjoy the experience? You and the person you have met online (maybe at hislut.com?) probably want to have fun not to mate like animals. You can meet at a nightclub, restaurant, café or even a bar before you head off to a motel or your house. It is important to meet the person in a public place first because you are safer where there are many people. Meeting someone you barely know in some dark alley in the middle of the night is never a good idea. You never know what kind of person he or she is and that is why you carry some protection when you go to meet them.

What to wear

You can ask your potential partner what he or she is going to wear when you meet. This will help you spy on him or her from a distance to see if he/she is the person you expected. If they look completely different from the pictures they sent you, you can easily abort the meeting.

Chose the best place for sex

Just because it’s going to be a casual encounter does not mean that you should have sex in a dumpster or some slimy cheap motel. If you do not feel safe about bringing him/her to your house, then get a good room at a decent hotel or motel. The room should be clean and the sheets should be changed regularly. Remember the bedbugs in slimy motel rooms do not discriminate and will feed on you just as much as they will feed on the other person. If you decide to do it in your house, then take time and clean you room and change your sheets. Make the experience worthwhile and the person may recommend you to other people on adult dating sites.

Be prepared

If you are going to meet the person at their place, carry condoms, a toothbrush and even a spare pair of undies. You never know how long the experience will last.

Casual sex is not rocket science; do not to get too worked up about having sex with someone you will never talk to again. That is why you need to ask yourself why you want casual sex first before you take the plunge. Have fun!

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